Research is a key selling point in the brokerage industry. Research helps you differentiate your services from the competition and provides value-added services to your clients.  Optima can provide the research to your firm at a much lower cost than producing research in-house and Optima takes responsibility for the time-consuming tasks of producing and distributing the research. Outsourcing at least some of your research functions is simply a smart business decision.

Optima can provide research to your clients via two different programs: (1) Redistribution Program for Optima's daily research, or (2) Custom Research for your exclusive use.


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Under Optima's Redistribution Program, your firm can redistribute Optima's regular daily reports to your clients. Optima can also take responsibility for sending the reports directly to your clients if that is more convenient for you. The reports can even be private-labeled with your firm's name and logo at the top. This provides value-added services to your clients and keeps your name in front of them every day.

The menu on the right provides samples of the Optima reports that are available for redistribution.  These reports can be sent via e-mail or fax, or we can provide these reports on your company's web site.

Optima can also write research reports for your firm on an exclusive, custom basis according to your specifications. These reports provide value-added services to your existing clients and can also be used in marketing campaigns as lead generators. We can write virtually any type of report you need involving the equity, financial, foreign exchange or commodity markets. The reports can be periodic reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly) or one-time reports. Simply put, you specify what you need, and Optima will write it. Optima can supplement your in-house research capabilities and provide top-quality reports to boost your firm's visibility and expertise.
Optima Investment Research has a very strong reputation in the financial industry, having been in business for over two decades. Optima's clients include many of the world's largest financial institutions.

To discuss your needs, please give us a call us at 847-242-9197 or fill out this contact form.

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