Optima's comprehensive daily research on the world's financial markets includes economic news and analysis, a global financial calendar with market expectations, technical analysis commentary and support resistance levels, and tables with technical indicators and volatility statistics.  We give you everything you need to trade the markets.

Optima's research is delivered via the web, e-mail, fax, or by hard-copy messenger delivery in downtown Chicago.  Prices start at $295 per month.  Site licenses or group subscription rates are quoted upon request.

Optima has an elite institutional client base that includes many of the top global banks and brokerage firms including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, and many others.   

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Economic Comment: A daily economic and market comment on the U.S. and international financial markets with a complete economic calendar and consensus forecasts.

Technical Commentary: The technical picture in a nutshell, with overview of market trends, chart patterns, support/resistance levels, volume/open interest, and moving averages.

Support/Resistance Levels: Key support/resistance levels to watch during the day to place orders and identify trends. These are widely followed on the floors of the Chicago futures exchanges.

Financial Analysis: Eurodollar strip tables, currency cash-futures conversions and hedge ratios, and S&P premiums.

Technical Indicator Tables: Key technical indicators such as moving averages, pivot points, RSI, and stochastics, covering both the cash and futures markets.

Volatility Statistics & Charts: Implied and historical volatility statistics and charts, volatility term structure, calendar spreads, skews, sigma boundary charts, and delta tables.

Volatility Cheapness Cone & Index: Volatility Cheapness Cones and Volatility Cheapness Indexes for all the major options contracts.

Market Charts: Comprehensive set of charts including daily and weekly cash and futures charts, technical indicator charts, spreads, basis, yield curves, and related international markets.

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